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About Us

Narwal Dairy Farm is a pioneering enterprise in the field of breeding and supplying Cows & Buffaloes of high productivity. We introduce ourselves as Narwal Dairy Farm expert supplier & Exporter of Dairy Animals in the year 1970. Our origin of Cow are well accepted for its brilliant diversity and adaptability across the markets of the India. Narwal dairy farm is a top agricultural company providing pioneering Dairy solutions, Livestock in INDIA. Narwal Dairy Farm, today is known for its sincere hard work, quality and trustworthiness across India as one of the reliable Exporters and Suppliers for Cattle animals like Cows, Buffaloes, and Murrah Breeding Bulls. Further, Narwal Dairy Farm sees a huge potential in the dairy industry in the upcoming years and is poised to serve the increasing needs.

We are located in the north of huge and widespread Agro Rich region of Haryana (INDIA) at Karnal on Kaithal Road. For more than three decades, we are serving the needs of farmers or dairies rearing cows for milk production and supply. In actuality, Narwal Dairy is considered to be synonymous with dairy cows by North and Central India farmers. Our company has provided vital inputs to several dairy farmers, cattle traders & suppliers, NGOs and cattle breeders in making the right selection Dairy Cows and other notable suggestions with concerning the business.

We supply the best possible Dairy Livestock, Dairy Equipment at the Most reasonable price. Our quality brands have built faith and confidence of our customers Across India for our best quality products and on-time services


Keeping in mind the growth in the agricultural sectors, the company aims high to provide a better quality of Cattle to the clients. Since transition to farming from hunter-gather lifestyles, cattle rearing is one of the most common method for production of food, diary products etc. We aim to offer our clients with best breeds of Cattle, which can indeed help our clients to increase their profits and expand their business further.

  • Breeding of genetically superior Murrah Buffaloes.
  • Improvement in milk production of Sahiwal, GIR and Tharparkar breeds of Indian Cows and their Breeding Bulls.
  • Making available good quality Murrah Buffaloes at most affordable rates.
  • Marketing of Murrah Buffaloes, Sahiwal, GIR and Tharparkar breeds of indian cows and their highly pedigreed breeding bulls.
  • Marketing excellent quality of Bovine Frozen Semen of Elite Bulls of Murrah, Sahiwal, Gir and Tharparkar breeds.
  • Providing technical know how in setting up of small, medium and large dairy projects.
  • Promotion of Dairying for self employment.
  • Training of small dairy farmers in management and health care of milch animals.
  • Breeding and Genetic improvement of Murrah Buffaloes and Indigenous cattle.
  • To create and maintain disease free status so as to boost marketing of superior livestock.

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  • Add: Pingli Chowk, Kaithal Road,
    Near Gurudwara Bhai Lalo Ji,
    Karnal-132001, Haryana
  • Mr. Parvinder Narwal
    Tel: +91-82959-90086
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